Our Mission Statement

For over 100 Years, Texas Game Wardens have exemplified passion, dedication, and commitment to protecting the natural resources of Texas. As fully commissioned State Peace Officers, Texas Game Wardens not only enforce fishing, hunting, and water safety laws; they also apprehend dangerous criminals and provide valuable public safety to the people of Texas. Game Wardens often lead in search-and rescue operations across the State and are at the front lines of the State’s border security initiatives and environmental law enforcement. Texas Game Wardens are responsible for enforcement of the Parks and Wildlife Code, all TPWD regulations, the Texas Penal Code and selected statutes and regulations applicable to clean air and water, hazardous materials and human health. Game Wardens fulfill these responsibilities through educating the public about various laws and regulations, preventing violations by conducting high visibility patrols, and apprehending and arresting violators. The Law Enforcement Division employs approximately 532 Game Wardens throughout the state, and operates 28 field offices that sell licenses, register boats, and provide the public with local information across the state. Texas Game Wardens operate a fleet of over 500 patrol, tactical, and rescue vessels. Our marine enforcement program is accredited by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) which provides a true national standard for maritime interoperability. Furthermore, Texas Game Wardens engage with and educate the public through extensive outreach programs.

Texas Game Wardens utilize a team approach to implement specially trained Game Wardens into highly technical situations. These Game Wardens actively patrol their assigned counties but when special circumstances arise, they are called upon to put their expertise into action. Focusing on skill-specific training in key areas of expertise, the team approach has been validated time and time again.

Specialized Teams include:

• Search and Rescue
• Underwater Recovery (Dive)
• Scout Team (Tactical Response)
• Aircraft Tactical Flight Officer (TFO)
• STORM (Forensics Reconstruction and Mapping Team)
• K-9
• MTOG (Marine Tactical Operational Group)
• Marine Theft
• Peer Support
• Honor Guard

Key Statewide Issues
• Hunting, Fishing and Resource Law Enforcement
• Water Safety Enforcement
• Search and Rescue
• Education, Outreach, and Recruiting
• Number and Placement of Texas Game Wardens
• Equipment and Training
• Law Enforcement and Department Strategic Planning